Owner information and original documents

Owner-provided information

Information that an owner may be able to provide includes:

  • original documentation such as building consent drawings, builder’s guarantee, product warranties
  • photos of the building taken during construction
  • reports such as prepurchase inspections or weathertightness assessments that have been carried out
  • information about any repair work that has been carried out
  • an assessment of the problems – are they widespread, are they getting worse?

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Original documentation

Obtaining the consented drawings and specifications will help designers to understand:

  • what was consented
  • what has been changed such as details, materials, finishes and so on
  • how the original details and materials or subsequent changes may have contributed to the problems
  • the risk elements and risk score of the original design
  • what work has been done after the building was completed.

The original documentation may, if suitable, form the basis of the remediation solution.

Updated: 9 September 2014