Building consent applications

Any building that has not met Building Code performance requirements or has been deemed not to be Code compliant will need a building consent for the remediation work. Therefore, the documents, together with information on material performance, must address matters of Code compliance to allow the building consent to be obtained.

Demonstrating compliance

Documents submitted to the BCA for consent must clearly identify:

  • the Building Code clauses that the remediation solution must comply with – typically this will include clauses B1, B2, E1, E2, E3, F2, F5 and H1, and for multi-unit repairs, clauses C, D1, F4 and G6 may also need to be shown
  • the compliance path being followed, including
  • supporting evidence for any Alternative Solutions
  • specific manufacturers’ information, particularly that covering installation, relating to the products being specified
  • procedures for handling hazardous materials
  • why a targeted repair is suitable
  • bracing calculations
  • who has responsibility for determining timber condition/replacement
  • QA processes.

A maintenance schedule may be required as part of the consent documents. This schedule should ensure that current and future owners know what on-going maintenance is necessary to prevent future weathertightness problems.

A copy of the building condition and remediation report may be required where the work does not involve a full reclad.

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Compliance paths

The BCA will assess the consent application against Building Code performance requirements. The designer will have to clearly state which compliance path is being followed and provide evidence that it meets Code requirements.

The available compliance paths are:

  1. comparison with an Acceptable Solution or Verification Method
  2. comparison to other documents
  3. comparison with in-service history
  4. expert opinion
  5. comparison to a previously accepted Alternative Solution
  6. product certification
  7. MBIE determination
  8. Verification Methods
  9. Acceptable Solutions.

Compliance paths 6 to 9 are deemed to comply with the Building Code’s performance requirements. If the design follows any of those paths, the BCA must accept it as meeting Code requirements.

Compliance paths 1 to 5 must be submitted for consenting as Alternative Solutions. Designers must:

  • clearly identify all Alternative Solutions
  • state why they believe the Alternative Solution complies with Building Code performance requirements
  • provide supporting documentation that provides evidence of compliance, based on a specific compliance path.

Updated: 27 May 2016