Remediation detailing solutions

This section covers some specific design solutions to address weathertightness and betterment issues - many referring to Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.

While the focus of is weathertightness, designers will need to ensure design and detailing also complies with other relevant Building Code clauses (typically B1, B2, E1, E2, E3, F2, F5 and H1, and for multi-unit buildings, also C, D1, F4 and G6).

While E2/AS1 will apply to many remediation projects, it will not apply to buildings taller than 10 metres or where the design wind speed is outside NZS 3604 wind zones or the ultimate limit state wind pressure is over 2,500 Pa. Likewise, some claddings and other details are not within the scope of E2/AS1.

If E2/AS1 does not apply, the remediation design will have to be submitted for consent as an Alternative Solution (see building consent applications).

Updated: 9 September 2014