Remediation details: bracing

During remediation work, it may be found that additional bracing is needed.

During remediation work, it may be necessary to remove bracing elements that are part of the cladding, are attached to damaged framing that is being removed or are internal but have been moisture damaged. Examples of cladding that may form part of the structural bracing are fibre-cement sheet, plywood sheet or the rigid backing to stucco. RAB, if installed, may also be providing bracing.

As work proceeds, it may also become evident that the bracing provided by plasterboard internal linings, particularly to external walls, is not of the required standard, typically because of the anchoring of the panels to the floor structure.

Where bracing is removed, the bracing demand for the building will have to be recalculated and new bracing panels installed to bring it up to the minimum requirements of NZS 3604. Bracing that is incorrectly fixed down may need to be replaced, or additional complying fixings may be able to be retrofitted. Specific structural engineering advice will be required in these instances.

Updated: 9 September 2014