Improving building performance

Weathertightness remediation offers the owner an opportunity to consider other changes to the building to improve its performance and market value.

Options for improving building performance

Improvements that may be economical and feasible, particularly where claddings are being removed, include the following:


  • Bringing insulation levels up to current minimums (or better) – where timber damage has occurred, it is likely that the insulation will need to be removed and replaced anyway.


  • Replacing single glazing with double glazing.
  • Replacing basic aluminium joinery (for example, without condensation drains) with higher specification joinery.
  • with thermally-broken aluminium, uPVC, timber or fibreglass frames to improve the thermal performance of the windows.


In older houses, this could include replacing 'tired' kitchens and bathrooms. Repairing leaky bathrooms, particularly tiled showers, should also be carried out to mitigate against future or additional damage.

Changing the building’s appearance can help to improve its market value.

Also see reducing weathertightness risk and sustainability considerations.

Updated: 23 February 2023