Legal disclosures and checklists

Under the Building Act and regulations, contractors must give clients a checklist and disclose some key information. This doesn’t just apply to builders, but to work done by any tradesperson.

For residential building work of $30,000 (including GST) or over, you must give clients a checklist and provide certain information about your business before entering into the contract. The checklist and disclosure information must also be given if the client asks for it, even if the work is below $30,000.

The consumer checklist gives the client information about the process, their role and their rights. You can find details at the Building Performance website of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.

The disclosure statement gives information about the contracting company. The MBIE Building Performance website has a template that can be filled out to give the required disclosure.

After the work is completed, other information must be given to the client, including details of insurance the contractor holds, copies of guarantees/warranties that apply and maintenance requirements. You can find help with maintenance requirements on the BRANZ website

Updated: 8 September 2020